For all of the cries that Obama is the most radically liberal president that we’ve ever had, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In action Obama is as politically similar to his Republican opposition as we’ve maybe ever seen from the two parties.

The news doesn’t help clear up this lie either. They want us to think that the two sides are so diametrically opposed that they couldn’t even agree on which side to butter their toast. It wouldn’t be in their best interest to report the truth. Much better for them if they can scare you into writing a check to help your side’s Super Pac buy more advertising space – either one will do.

Why has this happened? I believe that it has a lot to do with the current state of campaign funding, specifically the change that came with Citizens United. In order to compete now you have to amass such massive loads of cash, and as a politician the only way to do that is to put the interests of the largest corporations and the wealthy above everyone else.

It would be easy for the Democrats to silence all of this rhetoric about Obama being a Socialist, I’ll do my part to attack that in future posts, but it is so absurd that they know their own supporters won’t fall for it. It actually helps them paint Obama as a, ‘liberal under attack’ to bring out the base to support him. All of this shouting about the imaginary Obama also makes it impossible to hear legitimate criticism of the real Obama. It is best they let us think a small part of what the Republicans are shouting about is true. They want us to imagine Obama to be this liberal crusader, and ignore the fact that in this upcoming election we only have a choice between two very similar conservatives who both put the interests of the few before the many.

The Republicans could easily win if they pointed this out and destabilized the Democrat base, but they won’t. As long as the Democrats let them control the conversation they are able to push that center line further to the right than they ever dreamed possible. That is worth a lot more than a single election in the long run.

Liberals should be pissed. It will take great effort to move the center back to its natural place. But, for those on the left the thought of giving the Presidency to such an insufferable collection of asshats is unbearable. Instead of voting for a candidate who truly represents them, like Jill Stein, they will keep up the charade just to keep the demagogues out.

This idea and information for this post came from a link to the Political Compass website that an old friend posted recently. Thanks, Seth. It can be quite enlightening to play around with, you might even learn something new about your own political interests.